Black Lives Matter . . .

There seems to be some confusion among those that post #AllLivesMatter in response to #BlackLivesMatter posts.  I think they’re struggling with something very simple, actually.  They’re just not able to do the simple act of mentally filling in the rest of the sentence.  So I’ve made a helpful image for them.


See folks, replying to Black Lives Matter Too with All Lives Matter doesn’t make sense, because all lives matter is assumed in the statement.  Get it?  Because all lives matter, we have to remind people that black lives matter too, because society is behaving as if they don’t.

When my son becomes a teenager and makes poor fashion choices, the biggest consequence will likely be that he’ll have to look back on embarrassing pictures of himself on social media for the rest of his life.  He won’t be shot by a vigilante or a cop or a scared citizen because he “looked scary.”  See, he’s white, so he’ll have a rest of his life, even if he thinks oversized hoodies and saggy pants are the hottest thing ever.*  He’ll have a rest of his life, even if he gets pulled over for a random traffic stop and has a gun in his car.  He’ll have a rest of his life if he loiters, speeds, sells CDs or cigarettes in front of a store, plays with a fake gun, or walks in the rain to get a can of pop.  Hell, he’ll apparently even have a rest of his life if he holes up in a public building armed to the teeth with a bunch of his friends.  Some people might even send him snacks.

If my son was black, all that might not be true.  Which is just one reason why we need Black Lives Matter.  Because all lives matter, but it seems we need to be reminded that Black Lives Matter Too.


*And frankly, if he still does at 35, who cares?  It’s just clothes FFS.