Cancers Are Jerks

Where I grumble about cancer research, especially how the media reports it.

And why should you listen to me grumble about cancer research? I’ll give you my “cancer bio.”

Tracy Berg got her PhD at the Medical College of Wisconsin then proceeded to tramp around the world, dragging her beagle and her husband along while she did post doctoral positions in Scotland, England, and Sweden. All in all, she has acquired 15 years of cancer research experience, only started one lab fire, and published 12 peer-reviewed papers on cancer biology, ranging in topics from cell signaling (how cells talk to each other and transmit messages inside the cell) to tumor microenvironment (all the stuff in the tumor that are not cancer cells). She also has an excessive love of parentheses (don’t judge me). Dr. Berg likes to explain the absolute shit storm that cancers are and maybe spends too much time with her new puppy (because fucking cancer killed her beagle in the end, and while Giles can never be replaced in her heart, his job as foot warmer and personal trainer was open). She has recently been writing science stories for the educational audio app Gaiali. She also writes fiction, which is possibly why she had the crazy idea she could communicate all this science stuff. She has been an expert on diverse scientific panels, such as What’s New In Biology, Menstruation After the Apocalypse, and How to Destroy the World with Science (which resulted in a surreal interview on Finnish TV about how you might destroy the planet with farts), but promises to use her powers only for good.