Monthly Archives: February 2015

Almost a Week in Sweden

Two vans, five people, and one broken dog successfully crossed six countries to finally move us to Malmö, Sweden. The broken dog really eases passage through customs checks. (French lady, totally wooed. German customs official, confused enough to shrug us off.) We’ve been here six days now. We stayed at an AirBNB location for two nights, then rented a car and moved to a second AirBNB location where we’ll be until March 7.

Things we’ve mastered so far in Sweden:

  • Not running over pedestrians and cyclists and not getting run over by cyclists.
  • Bacon.
  • Giggling at all the words with Fart in them.
  • Finding the vet, being late to the vet, and getting scolded by the vet for being late and having our dog in apparently archaic staples (I blame England).
  • Swedish words: Hej–hello. Tak–Thank you. Hiss–Elevator. Hot chocolate–varm choklad. Exit–Utfart. Entrance–Infart.  Weighing produce at the grocery store. (You put your bulk produce on a scale and print out a bar code for check out. Fortunately, there are pictures.) Accidently pushing buttons at the grocery store. There are little doorbell like buttons in the aisles. I guess for calling for help or something? I leaned on one accidently while John browsed and apparently all those announcements repeating over and over again in Swedish were me holding the button down. Nice Swedish lady stopped to tell me what I’d done. (Not sarcastic at all–she was really nice.)